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Curve Now Carries RocketBook

Imagine writing something down and having it forever no matter what happens to the paper you wrote it on. Stick figure, poem, great idea or otherwise, Curve’s newest product offering Rocketbook promises to make keeping notes easier than ever. Thank goodness this didn’t exist when we were passing notes in grade school! Those notes definitely weren’t meant to last forever.

Rocketbook is a unique new technology that transforms the everyday notebook into a smart notebook. It lasts a lifetime, syncs with smartphones and uploads everything written in it to the cloud to keep it safe. Plus, it comes with access to a sleek, well-designed and easy-to-use app. Really, it reminds us a lot of the learning thermostats, a product that took something bland we’d all taken for granted – the thermostat – and absolutely revolutionized it in a way we didn’t know it needed at the time.



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Everlasting Smart Notebook

Rocketbook, however, has been careful with their revolution. Knowing that for many people, notebooks still have a tactile allure, the brand preserved the traditional way of using a notebook: pen on paper. Owners are able to write on the surface of the book, and then instantly see their messages saved on their cloud service of choice. Once they’re done with the handwritten note, they simply wipe their Rocketbook clean with a damp microfiber cloth and start again. One notebook for the rest of your life, countless notes stored in the cloud for just as long and all without the negative environmental effects of all that paper.

“People still write with paper and pen every day, but they want the benefit of the cloud,” said Rocketbook co-Founder Joe Lemay. “We have found a way to keep the traditional pen and paper notebook but make it reusable and add technology that takes it to the next level. It’s the first of its kind.”

We couldn’t be more excited to bring the product to the marketplace, our customers and even to our own desks and bags. The product has already proven popular, with its variety of different configurations ideal for travel, drawing and etc. having already earned the company 10 million dollars in revenue in the USA already.

“We want to provide our customers not only with quality, but also resourceful products which are visionary and have the power alter and enhance their lives. We are really excited to have Rocketbook as part of Curve national brands” Kyle Duszynski, VP Brand Management at Curve Distribution Services

To learn more about Rocketbook, Curve Distribution or to see the countless versions of this blog we wrote on the product and now have saved in the cloud, please feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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