We’re a Canadian distribution company revolutionizing the industry one amazing brand at a time by understanding the complete customer journey, providing an exceptional end-to-end approach to service and a nerd-level love of data. From grocery to gadgets – and almost everything in between – chances are we’ve got it already or are looking for the perfect partner.


(karaoke is definitely not one of them)


You’re a Canadian Retailer Who Needs the Next Big Thing

Curating the most exciting and high-performing brands is step one – getting them into your store and the customers’ hands is our bread and butter.


You’re a Retail Buyer For a Business Who Needs an All-In-One Solution

Connected services is our Direct To Store Delivery approach that provides our retail partners with a variety of products across multiple brands.


You’re a Brand Owner With Big Dreams and an Even Better Product

With our data-driven approach and wide-ranging retailer partnerships, turning brands from just about any vertical into the next big thing in the Canadian marketplace is our specialty.

The Curve Perspective

We’re obsessed with data, trends and spreadsheets. No joke. And while that may not seem all that cool to our friends and family, it does mean we always have our finger on the pulse of everything retail and can write a pretty great blog.

Top Trends: Beverages

Get ready to drink in a bunch of insights, data and trend spotting! This is Top Trends – an offering from the Curve Intelligence Portfolio...

Press Release: Curve + Sarjesa

It’s time to spill the tea: we’ve got a new partner and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re proud to announce that we’ve started working...

Coronavirus and Consumer Trends

Like millions of Canadians we are working from home - and working harder than ever to provide the unparalleled level of service we’re known for...