diode + Curve

On the Shelf
to Off the Shelf

Today, every business and brand needs smart, strategic thinking to thrive. This means understanding where to meet our audience, how to win their hearts and minds and delivering on the details.

Part of the Curve

We’re diode, a Curve creative agency and we understand how Canadian consumers think, act and shop, so we can best tap into the needs, wants and trends of this 35-million-member market. We have the ability to support your marketing needs as part of your distribution strategy.

There’s more to distribution than distribution

Curve helps brands get on the shelf. Our distribution engine has the infrastructure that can deliver product coast to coast. diode helps get that product off the shelf. We elevate our brands with creative campaigns and audience engagement while utilizing the Curve distribution engine.

Together, we have a unique offering that is focused on the entire journey from distribution to customer acquisition.

How we can help

The best products exist for a reason. We help find what that reason is for your audience and unlock the value that then opens the door.

How you look, act and interact with your audience comes down to creative. We make sure the product and the message connect with what your audience wants through brand development, package design and marketing campaigns.

Marketing Management
From production coordination to community moderation, we manage your sales and marketing campaigns so you can focus on making the best product you can.

Let's chat

Either ask your favourite Curve connection about us or flip us a note: info@curvedistribution.ca. If you’re already a Curve partner, we’d be happy to do a brand audit at no charge.