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Just Spray and Walk Away.

ez-clean is a ready to use, concentrated fully formulated liquid blend of microbes made to eliminate smells and degrade organic waste. The safe, naturally occurring bacteria in ez-clean are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems, smells, or breaking bad situations that you may have. 


Like all good love stories it starts with a guy falling for a girl.  They buy a farm, invest in a synthetic lawn company. Design a odor remover for the synthetic lawn.  Decide that "this stuff really works".  Continue developing the odour remover while having kids and buying a crap tonne of animals for the farm.   Use the odour remover all over the farm and in their home.   Take it to dog shows and kennels.   Get a lot of people loving the product and get their family and friends to help make the product on the farm.  Small town made from people who know pooh! Yep just like all good love stories.


These living cleaners are here to help you fight stains, smells, and odours.


250ml Spray Bottle of ez-clean


1 Liter Spray Bottle of ez-clean


1 Liter Bottle of ez-clean