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It Cleans, It Collects, It Repeats

Tired of picking off fur, or lint-rolling clothing even after a long cycle of tumbling through liquids, detergents, fabric softeners, and the heat and circulation of a dryer. Have no fear, Furzapper is here!


About The Brand


FurZapper ™ is a patent-pending product that was created to provide pet owners with a simple, self-cleaning product that will help keep pet fur off of your laundry. Pet hair and fur has a tendency to embed and weave itself into sweaters, jackets, blankets and nearly every textile.


Say Hello to Fur Zapper, the Patented Fur Remover for your Laundry! The best and only Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry.

 FurZappers last for 100+ uses and more of washes and drying cycles, and is guaranteed to gently pull Dog or Cat Fur from your Laundry. Better than a lint roller, dryer sheets, or any home made recipe you can find online. 


Never worry about hair again!

Fur Prevention

Furzapper Glove

Laundry Care

Laundry Star

Laundry Care

Lint Zapper

Laundry Care

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