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How Many Scoops?

Edo Japan is an icon in the Japanese fast-casual restaurant space, serving delicious teppan-style meals to millions of happy customers. At the center of their success is their famous teriyaki sauce.


The first Edo Japan is opened in Calgary, Alberta by Reverend Susumu Ikuta, a Japanese Buddhist minister who came up with the idea of serving traditional Teppan-style meals with a signature teriyaki sauce.

After a limited Edmonton expansion Reverend Ikuta decided to share his successful business opportunity by franchising Edo Japan. After offering the franchise opportunity Reverend Ikuta left the organization after being appointed Bishop of the Buddhist Churches of Canada.

Tom Donaldson is hired as CEO, transforming Edo Japan from a “mom and pop” operation into a thriving franchise.

This lead to the  launch their first street front restaurant to meet consumer demand by offering dine-in or takeout service in a contemporary and casual restaurant setting. After opening 100 stores and expanding their menu Tom Donaldson retired and Dave Minnett took over the business. Dave Minnett Led multiple strategic expansion initiatives. Including the decision to begin bottling and selling their secret sauce.



How many scoops? 

How many bottles?


The signature sauce that started it all

Teriyaki Sauce