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Since Arriving In Canada,

In 1867.

Asian Family has searched the Asia-Pacific region to find products made of the finest ingredients to cook authentic Asian cuisine and Asian-fusion dishes.


Since the arrival of our Great Grandfathers in 1897 to Canada, the traditional family recipes have been the foundation for each of the product creations passed down to succeeding generations.

Now entering its fifth generation, Asian Family products have been expanding to more families across the country to create natural tasting Asian and fusion dishes with the emphasis on authenticity, quality and value.

With family roots in Asia, the origins of each product is mandated to retain its authenticity in taste, presentation and appeal.

Asian Family Inspired Recipes


Only the finest ingredients and processes are used and under the
highest, most strict global standard quality control and assurance. Here are some of the products Curve carries below.

Asian Sauces

Sriracha Mayo

Asian Sauces

Spring Roll Sauce

Asian Sauces

Sesame Oil

Asian Sauces

Pad Thai

Asian Foods

Minature Corn

Asian Sauces

Honey Garlic Sauce

Asian Sauces

Coconut Milk

Asian Sauces

Black Bean Sauce