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Cool Then, Cool Now,
Cool Forever.

Chances are, you've had an AriZona drink at some point. In fact, they're an iconic brand that has dominated the shelves in North America since the '90s. You know the big can, and you know the big flavor, now scroll down to get to know the brand.


AriZona Iced Tea was born in the heart of Brooklyn in 1992 - and quickly took the world by storm. Their delicious and unique takes on Iced Tea, combined with instantly recognizable and cool packaging, immediately made them a standout brand at the time and ever since.

More than just a stylish brand - AriZona creates a product with the substance consumers are looking for. Each and every product line is made up of only top-quality ingredients and is skillfully produced - all at a price point that's affordable for everyone.

A lot may have changed since 1992 when AriZona got their start, but for the brand, the important stuff has remained. To this day, AriZona remains a family owned and operated business, which has helped the brand maintain their vision, quality and price - which has incredibly stayed the same for their iconic large cans for over 25 years.


From the big cans and the premium glass bottles to experimental new flavors, AriZona has a drink for everyone. Take a look below for the Arizona products that Curve carries.

Iced Tea

AriZona Green Tea Bottled

Iced Tea

AriZona Iced Tea with Lemon

Iced Tea2

AriZona Fruit Punch

Iced Tea

AriZona Arnold Palmer

Iced Tea

AriZona Watermelon

Iced Tea

AriZona Mucho Mango

Iced Tea

AriZona Green Tea