Distributing Safe,
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Distributing Safe, Certified Products
– All Day, Every Day

In our experience, there’s nothing more important than sticking to your guns when it comes to those defining values that make you, you. When you stay true to yourself, people notice. That’s how we’ve grown into who we are today, and how we’ve made a lasting impression not just on the business we’re in, but also on the brands and people we’re proud to work with.

One of those values that we hold near and dear is our commitment to distribute only safe, quality products that have passed rigorous testing and received the endorsement of Canadian certification. That way, we’ve got the peace of mind we need to stand wholeheartedly behind each and every product that we ship out, even if it means that it costs a bit more to do it. Unfortunately, though, not all other distributors see things in the same light as we do.



Keeping Things On The Up-and-Up

Just last week, Health Canada released an information update affecting a large swath of USB wall chargers. These innocuous-looking bits of plastic were found to pose a safety risk large enough that the government saw fit to issue a consumer product recall for a wide range of SKUs across the board, due to the “unacceptable risk of electric shock and fire” that these products brought into the homes of Canadians across the country.

You might be wondering how these products could have passed standard electrical safety testing if they’re now being identified as so potentially hazardous. The short answer is: they didn’t. These products were being distributed and shipped out with full knowledge that they hadn’t passed Canadian certification. Non-certified products, while inherently risky and often downright dangerous, also happen to be just a bit cheaper to deal with than certified products, as they don’t require the diligence and adherence to standards that their certified counterparts do. As such, there are companies out there who were happy to make a couple of extra bucks and move a few additional units by dealing with products that came in at a lower price point, all while disregarding this lack of proper testing and safety standards. A profitable short-term strategy, maybe – but not one that fits well with our values, or the way we choose to run our business.

We've Got Your Back

The thing that gets to us about this sort of a situation is that selling non-certified products – as some distributors have clearly gotten into the habit of doing – is a non-starter on a variety of levels. Not only do the financials not add up (there are certain short-term gains to be made, but over the long run, the costs associated with this recall will make short work of those extra few dollars), but there are also the implications associated with happily selling products that could possibly put consumers at risk. This simply isn’t a good way to do business, on both a practical and fundamental level.

That’s why here at Curve, we only distribute products that have received Canadian certification. These SKUs have been put through arduous tests and compliance assessments and represent the accepted standard in safety and reliability. Keep an eye out for these endorsement marks, and you’ll know you’ve got a product that meets Canadian certification standards:

We Can Help

If you’re a retailer, it’s worth noting that this could just be the tip of the iceberg, as far as safety-related information updates and recall notices go. Now that the government is in the loop regarding the ongoing sale of non-certified products, it wouldn’t surprise us at all to see widespread investigations and inquiries starting to take place, and additional recalls issued. Save yourself the trouble of being associated with these hazardous products, and consider instead stocking your shelves with trusted, certified product lines.

Need a hand finding SKUs to replace the ones tangled up in these certification troubles? Have questions about the certification process in general? Feel free to drop us a line here at Curve. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the industry, and are connected with some of the best and brightest brands around. Get in touch today, and make a statement by committing to only dealing with Canadian-certified products. Trust us, your customers will thank you for it.

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