True Wireless Is More

A Look at the True Wireless Category and Wicked Audio’s ARQ Earbuds

Over the past few years the headphone category has experienced a revolution. It’s gone from wired, to wireless and finally to true wireless. In a lot of ways, it’s like what happened to phones – at one point we were all tethered to the phone by a physical cord (how did you ever have private conversations?!), then we went cordless, and finally we discovered the freedom of cell phones. And by freedom, we mean nonstop email and endless access to cat videos.

Essentially, that’s what’s happening to headphones. For ages we all used wired headphones. Sure, they sounded great, but they weren’t always the most practical. Then came Bluetooth headphones and suddenly we lost the cord that connected us to the device. That was great, but they still weren’t truly wireless – the two buds were still connected by a cord or headband. With true wireless, that’s not the case. As the name suggests, they are truly wireless. Maybe not the most creative name, but it definitely does the trick.

The technology isn’t all that’s changed – the sales landscape has too. True wireless headphones represent 13% of all headphone sales, and even more impressively, they drove the most incremental growth of any headphone type [1]. As true wireless products finally enter the under $100 level, we expect to see the category explode with even more growth.

The category has grown steadily since Holiday 2016, reaching $51M in the last 12 months [2]. If it moves up slightly to match Bluetooth at 25% under $100 adoption, it will represent a $13m market alone [3]. That’s a lot of headphones, and more importantly for you, a lot of opportunity

And that’s where Wicked Audio comes in with their new true wireless ARQ Earbuds. They’re stylish, well-packaged and high-quality. But with Wicked Audio, that’s no surprise. But what is surprisingly awesome – and get ready for it – they’re priced at $99. Take that Apple and your overpriced Q-Tip-looking earbuds.

Looking at Wicked Audio’s social following, you’d assume they spend a ton on marketing. The truth is, they don’t. Wicked Audio takes a grassroots approach to marketing that allows them to keep their products affordable. Obviously Wicked Audio is doing everything right to get your customers to know about the brand, but will they pick up the headphones in your store?

The answer is a resounding yes. Since Wicked Audio’s ARQ Earbuds do everything just right They look good. They sound good. They fit great. We popped open a package for testing and have been making the most of their noise isolating goodness in the gym over the last couple weeks and we couldn’t be happier (about the headphones, not so much the gym, but that’s another story…).

All in all, they’re the real deal. And if you ask us (which, you sort of did because you’re here, right?), they’re going to blow open the true wireless category for a whole new audience. If you’re ready to get these headphones in your customer’s ears, we’re ready, waiting, and most likely listening to our favourite guilty pleasure a little too loud.


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