The Curve 2019 Spring 
Buying Guide Has Arrived

Do you know what our favourite time of the year is? No, it’s not when a new season of The Bachelor starts (that’s our second favourite time, obviously!). It’s when our new Buying Guide arrives from the printers. There’s something about exciting new consumer products, market data and the smell of fresh ink that really gets us going. Everyone’s got a thing, right?

This year we unveiled our redesigned Buying Guide at CES, where it was universally well-received. The good news is what happened in Vegas isn’t going to stay there. We’re excited to have our 2019 Spring Buying Guide available online and if you’re dying to hold one in your hands (we wouldn’t be surprised), we’d be happy to get one to you.. Sure, it may not be Shakespeare (although, we did consider naming it “To Buy or Not To Buy…”), but we think the guide makes for great reading. It’s packed with an overview of all the brands we carry and the products that will make a difference in the stores of our partners, as well as the data and trends to back it all up. It’s been redesigned to not only reflect our brand and business, but also to clearly communicate the information you need and make for an enjoyable and easy reading experience.. Ready to read? We promise there will be no book report! 

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