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Curve + Brabantia

Brabantia and Curve Distribution Services announced today that the companies have entered a valuable distribution partnership where Curve will bring Brabantia’s product line of housewares to the Canadian market. 

This partnership allows Brabantia, a well-established, premium, European home goods brand founded in the Netherlands in 1919, to continue its expansion across the globe. Brabantia is currently sold in a limited capacity in Canada through multiple independent retailers. Curve will list Brabantia with their national retailer partners across the country bringing the brand to millions of Canadians.

Brabantia’s premium and sustainably focused kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and home products are designed for comfortable living while also offsetting their carbon emissions. Brabantia is working to have 100% circular design by 2035 to further reduce their environmental impact’ in line with a growing number of Cradle to-Cradle certified products.


Elke Pollaris, Area Sales Manager at Brabantia commented “Curve's reach in the Canadian market and expertise working with international brands tells us Brabantia is working with the right partner for our Canadian expansion.”

Kyle Duszynski, VP of Marketing at Curve added “Brabantia is a brand that identifies with values that are important to Canadians from quality to sustainability, we are proud to be Brabantia’s go-to-market partner and we are excited to get this product into Canadian homes.”


Curve Distribution Services is a fully integrated go-to-market partner that specializes in bringing brands to the Canadian market with people-focused distribution and passionate partnerships.

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