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Flavour & Family Should Never Be Compromised.

Kos (pronounced 'kuus') can be found in quiet moments with a book and a cozy blanket. You can feel Kos when you're alone, in a cozy room filled with things you love. It's also that feeling you get from being surrounded by great company and wholesome, delicious food.


Founder Torill Myre has spent years perfecting her initial product, a waffle mixture for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or any time of day!
Based on a traditional Norwegian recipe, Torill has developed her waffle mix to be both delicious, and healthy – made with whole wheat flour, oatmeal, flaxseed meal and ground almonds, Torill’s Table waffles are definitely a comfort food with real health benefits.
At the heart of Torill's recipe and philosophy of bringing loved ones together around good, healthy food, is the Norwegian concept of Kos.

Growing up in Norway, it was a family ritual for Torill to eat vafler (waffles) every week. The aroma lured you to the table, to eagerly wait while rounds would be baked and then eaten as fast as you'd get your turn. This joy of coming together, and enjoying freshly baked vafler was what Torril wanted to bring to her life here in Canada.
She enhanced her mother’s traditional vafler recipe to make it as nutritious as it is delicious, by including wholesome ingredients for a healthy, hearty meal, any time of the day. Torill truly hopes you enjoy some vafler around your own table today!


Can you smell the waffles cooking yet?