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Crackers, Cookies, Biscuits, Candies, And Other Sweet Treats.

Purity Factories has grown with the country over the years, spreading regional favorites from Newfoundland coast to coast.


Purity Factories Limited began creating quality food products in 1924. It was in that year that three St. John’s businessmen – C.C. Pratt, A.E. Hickman, and W.R. Goobie – purchased a local confectionery and soft drink company, and began production of what were to become instant classics – Peppermint Nobs, candy kisses, and flavoured syrups. Using traditional recipes and only the finest quality ingredients, Purity became the sole producer of hard bread, a staple of the local diet which was used by fishermen as a bread substitute on their long journeys out to sea.

It is also the main ingredient in the traditional dish known as “Fish and Brewis”. The triumph of Hard Bread was followed by the development of classic recipes for a variety of British-style crackers and biscuits – Cream Crackers, Ginger Snaps, and other light-tasting snacks. The quality put into creating these products drew an even wider audience, and soon these, too, became company trademarks.

Since the early days of Purity, many changes have taken place. In the 1950s, the company moved to a new plant which has remained its home ever since. There are now over 50 products, including crackers, cookies, biscuits, candies, jams, and syrups. And still, Purity continues to flourish, because what has never changed is that same guarantee of quality that the Purity name stands for. It’s Purity freshness, Purity goodness, and that great Purity taste! Today, Purity maintains a solid reputation for its manufacture of a wide-range of high-quality products.
These products are readily available throughout Newfoundland, and can now also be found in many stores all over Canada. Renowned for their distinctive and delicious flavours, the Purity foods that have become a tabletop tradition in Newfoundland are now becoming popular right across the country. Perfect for any occasion, made from quality ingredients, and manufactured according to the highest standards, the Purity products whose origin was in the shared vision of three entrepreneurs so long ago are still welcomed and enjoyed today, by young and old alike.


Here are the classic favorites that have been with Canada for years.

Sweet Treats

Cream Crisps

Sweet Treats

Lemon Creams

Sweet Treats

Peanut Butter Kisses

Sweet Treats

Oatmeal Cookies

Sweet Treats

Family Favorites

Sweet Treats

Jam Jams

Sweet Treats

Climax Mixture

Sweet Treats

Candy Barrells