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Award Winning Craft Beer

From the amazing brewing process that preserves flavour to the incredible craft artwork on the can. You can tell right away that you'll always want  "one for the road"


 Graham took a year off drinking in support of someone special in his life who needed to quit. That was back in 2006. And even though he had a healthy relationship with alcohol, that year showed him the benefits of sobriety. It took a bit to get comfortable. he had to learn to be 'himself' in some social settings when he would normally have a few drinks on board. But it wasn't long before he was the guy with the lampshade on his head again even without the influence of alcohol. 

When the year was up, he reflected on the benefits (and there were a lot!). Waking up feeling fresh instead of hungover was a big one. Being able to drive himself home after a night out. Keeping up with his three young children. Not having to worry about how things went the night before, and not putting on weight like he had in the past.

Even though there were huge benefits, he still missed the social side of 'going for a beer'. At the time, the non-alcoholic beer selection was lacking. He thought that there had to be better options, hence, One For The Road Brewing was born.


If Are you ready to take adventure to the next step? Take One for the Road!