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Indigenous owned and operated

Hand Crafted, Traditionally Prepared.

Making Pemmican is a time-honored tradition passed down through generations. 


Mitsoh ("Eat" in Cree Nehiyaw) was founded by Ian Gladue of Wabasca's Bigstone Cree Nation in Alberta, Canada (Treaty 8 Territory). A passionate chef, Ian was inspired by his mother to share traditional indigenous foods with the world. At Mitsoh, they're dedicated to restoring, preserving and sharing North American Indigenous culture. Their products are available here and at various retailers across Canada.

We strive to offer you an authentic indigenous experience. The "Elder Approved" stamp is symbolic of the support from our community and respected elders, something that's very important in our culture.

All Mitsoh initiatives are presented to our elders with traditional protocol and ceremony. We are committed to offering experiences in a respectful manner that honour's their guidance and wisdom.



Elder Approved, Indigenous Produced, Pemmican Strips

Bison, Saskatoon berries, Honey, Pepper.

Saskatoon Berry Pemmican

Bison, Salt, Pepper, Honey

Blueberry Pemmican

Berry Pemmican


Dried Meat, Preservative Free

Maple Blueberry Pemmican