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Bubbles, Fruit Essence, And Low Sugar.

Mash is a flavorful blend of your favourite flavors, like mango and blood orange. If you enjoy them separately, then you'll love them Mashed together.


It's not juice, water or soda... It’s a mash of the best parts of all three!  Attractive & refreshing, mash is made with real fruit essence, it is low in calories and lightly carbonated.  At only 80 calories per bottle, no artificial colours and unique flavour blends, it is a definite crowd pleaser!


Here's a Mash of the products we offer, always refreshing, always flavorful.

Sparkling Fruit Drink

Watermelon Lemon Lime

Sparkling Fruit Drink

Pomegranate Blueberry

Sparkling Fruit Drink

Grapefruit Citrus Zing

Sparkling Fruit Drink

Ripe Mango & Blood Orange