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Sourced From Sunny California, And All the Way From Italy.

It started with a love of delicious food, wholesome ingredients, and innovative ideas. It has blossomed into an entire line up of gourmet sauces.


After moving to San Francisco, Dave’s Gourmet continued to expand into other specialty food categories. When looking at the sea of similar red pasta sauces in the supermarket, Dave became determined to design innovative pasta sauces using the best tasting and highest quality ingredients he could find. His creations include Butternut Squash, Organic Red Heirloom, Wild Mushroom and golden Heirloom Pasta Sauces, earning him more than seventeen prestigious Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation awards, including “best in category” four times.

Twice, his pasta sauces were honored as “best in the industry.” A man of multiple talents, Dave authored a cookbook and made numerous appearances on television including the Food Network. Over the past twenty years, Dave and his team have worked tirelessly to save the world from blandness and banality—one delicious and innovative product at a time.


Pasta sauce flavours that are ready for any occasion. 

Pasta Sauce

Hearty Marinara

Pasta Sauce

Roasted Garlic & Sweet Basil

Pasta Sauce

Wild Mushroom

Pasta Sauce

Red Heirloom

Pasta Sauce

Spicy Heirloom

Pasta Sauce

Butternut Squash