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Better Spirits,

For Better Cocktails.

Confluence (n.) means the meeting of two rivers; the act of merging, or bringing things together. Throughout time a confluence has been a POWERFUL gathering place; It is where many world views have collided, forever changing the people and the place. Calgary's confluence of the Bow and the Elbow river is no exception. It is where the foundations for our home city were laid down. As Confluence Distilling, they hope to continue to be a meaningful gathering place, where culture and community merge, and their cocktails meet good times


Ross alger was only 18 when he was bitten by radioactive yeast while drinking some badly distilled vodka, turning him into a "Super Distiller"!

Although at the start, ross was adamant that he worked alone, pheelan continually flew to his rescue during some dastardly distillations, quickly becoming his partner.

But in all seriousness, Pheelan and Ross share a love for Calgary and cocktails, which is the foundation of Confluence. their diverse experiences created the perfect Ying and Yang to create a mighty distillery. Pheelan's creativity and taste buds paired with Ross's business savvy and spreadsheet-ing make them the dynamic distilling duo. but Confluence wouldn't have been able to get it's foot in the door if it wasn't for Jamie. his experience, connections and drive for growth is the cherry on top of this tubular trio. the three of them endeavour to share the love for cocktail culture and delectable spirits!


for an easy-going evening, an amazing party or anywhere you'd drink an alcoholic bevy. 


Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic

Raspberry Lemon - Gin and Tonic