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 Liquid Smoke

The Taste Of The Outdoors,

Anywhere You Cook.

Richard (Dick) Colgin, born in 1899, started with his father, S.E. Colgin, manufacturing and distributing meat curing products for the farm and store.


In 1938, S.E. Colgin was granted a patent for Smoke Flavoring Condiments #2129047. After his death, Dick carried on the family business until refrigerated warehouses became popular in the 1940's. This spelled the decline of home meat curing. Dick resourcefully experimented and improved his liquid smoke formula to the one we use today.

In 1945, the Richard E. Colgin Company, Inc. was founded in Dallas, Texas, where it grew under the auspicious direction of Dick Colgin until his death in 1971. Afterwards, his daughter, Louise Colgin Pryor, and her husband, Gene H. Pryor, took over the company management. Today, Elizabeth Gardner, Dick's granddaughter and her husband, Mark Gardner, run The Colgin Companies as it is now known.


NOW you may have "Smoke Flavor" the convenient way! Liquid Smoke comes in a bottle with shaker top and is perfect whenever smoke flavor is desired.


Liquid Smoke


Liquid Smoke

Apple Wood

Liquid Smoke


Liquid Smoke