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Designed For Living

Beautiful & Sustainable Products That Transform Daily Chores Into Pleasurable Rituals.

Brabantia is a 100% family-owned and operated company, the organization employs 1000+ employees who are continually working to improve and add to the collection of 1400 household products Brabantia produces.


Their roots are in the Netherlands, in the province of Brabant to be precise. That is where in 1919, the Founder of Brabantia, Van Elderen produced his first milk cans and jugs. Van Elderen went on to produce their first pedal bins in 1952 and then, their iconic Patrice’ pattern in 1969. Now, the fourth generation is at the helm of the family business, and their Dutch design has won a place in the homes and hearts of millions worldwide.

Part of this success is rooted in a core belief at Brabantia, they know that most people don’t like household chores. But since we spend years of our lives doing chores they thought "We ought to try to make them more fun, don't you think?" And so, for more than 100 years, they have been helping out around the house, with beautifully designed products for waste management, washing, ironing, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Brabantia products are sustainable, smart, and well-made while also evolving towards a 100% circular design.

The 100% circular design means that a growing number of their products will be made from recycled goods and are recyclable when you are done with them. Helping you live and organize in a more sustainable way.


Beautiful, sustainable designs that turn your daily chores into valuable rituals. You can find these products in household stores and online.

Waste Management 

From countertop waste caddies to beautiful stand-alone fingerprint-proof bins.

Food Enjoyment

Food storage, food preparation, dishwashing, and organization all in one spot.

Laundry Caring

Ironing, drying, collecting and other helpful accessories. Reduce your impact on the environment and time doing laundry.


Beautiful, easy to clean, and easy to hide in plain sight, these are the perfect accessories for your bathroom.