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Biological | Diverse | Chemical-Free

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The Answer To Unsustainable Agricultural Processes Is Here. 

Annelida was formed by a group of like-minded green technology enthusiasts working to create a better way of increasing yields without compromising the environment.


Annelida aims to provide a biologically diverse and chemical-free casting with the highest functionality available in an organic plant food. Annelida Premium Earthworm Castings are OMRI listed and third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality.

Whether you are farming, growing in a greenhouse, or gardening at home, Their Premium Casting products will help you optimize soil conditions for ideal plant growth, increased yields, and improved flavour profiles without compromising the environment.



The perfect plant food is here (well, okay it's at the store) Check out the amazing products below.

Plant Food

Worm Castings 5 Oz

Plant Food

14 L Soil Enricher

Plant Food

14 L Worm Castings

Plant Food

Pet Spot Repair