You’ve probably heard of cord cutters (those who have cancelled their cable plans) and maybe even cord-nevers (those who never had cable and watch hours and hours of cat videos on YouTube). But the truth about both of these groups (and those of us who still love cable TV!) is that they’ve simply traded one cord for another.

That’s right: instead of cable, they’re opting for smart TV-devices and streaming boxes that give them the power to pick what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. What’s more, these boxes offer them the opportunity to play games, check email, surf the web and more right on their television screens. When’s the last time cable did that? Yeah, didn’t think so. With so much choice, it’s never been more important to pay attention to what consumers are reaching for when they reach their arms into the fridges in their local stores. So, what are they reaching for? Well, we’re seeing three trends: craft soda, non-alcoholic options and zero sugar/zero calorie drinks.

At Home Streaming

While there are a handful of options on the market, we’ve paired up with Matricom to carry their G-Box Q3 for our partners. This streaming device has been earning rave reviews and has definitely transformed the way most of us have been watching television. Best Buy recently published an in-depth review of the product, which is definitely worth a read. Click here to head over to Best Buy’s site, or feel free to get in touch with us about the Matricom G-Box Q3. We’d love to chat about the product, or that crazy thing that happened in the show we streamed on it last night.

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