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Despite a rapidly expanding interest in action cameras and the content they create, the cost of entry has remained prohibitively high for many consumers. That’s where Monster Digital and their premium and affordable products comes in, and why we’re so excited to have an exclusive Canadian sales and distribution deal with them. Plus, there’s more than just the power of their products; there’s the power of their brand, an attribute we’re excited to leverage in market.

Monster Digital is a California-based designer, developer and marketer of high-performance, affordable action cameras, virtual reality (VR) cameras and VR headsets. The entire portfolio of products comes with everything customers will need to get started right in the box, empowering them to shoot weekend adventures or explore the burgeoning world of virtual reality. 


Where The Action Is

Whether it’s capturing an unforgettable moment or becoming fully immersed in a video, the way people create and consume content has evolved. Ziplining on vacation isn’t just an opportunity to get the heart racing – it’s an opportunity to make an epic video to share later. When people are looking for something to watch, sometimes they don’t turn on their TVs; they put on virtual reality headsets.


HD 720 Action Sports Camera

Monster Digital offers action cameras that shoot hi-res video at a low cost. Each camera is sold with the accessories that transform it into a premium creative tool: accessories that help customers take it underwater and mount it on everything from their bikes to their boards. MSRP: $99.99


HD Plus 1080p Action Sports Camera

Don’t compromise! Capture the most extreme video action in 1920×1440 while taking pictures, instantly share the footage on the built-in 2” LCD screen with your friends on the slopes or save to your smartphone and share online with your followers. The Monster HD Plus includes a dust & waterproof case, a curved quick-release mount for your helmet, a flat quick release mount for your board, a handlebar mount for your bike and a suction cup mount for your dashboard. With the Monster Vision 1080p+ you are ready to race, shred, carve, drive, and drop. MSRP: $199.99

Virtual Reality Camera

With Monster’s VR products, there’s no such thing as just behind the camera. Products like the Vision™ VR camera shoot video that can be controlled by pointing the perspective in any direction. MSRP: $399.99


Virtual Reality Headset with Integrated Headphones

Flat screens don’t have a monopoly on entertainment anymore. The things customers watch are all around them – literally. Products like Monster’s VR Headset with integrated headphones unlock the innovative world of virtual reality at a remarkably accessible price. MSRP: $39.99

Monster Digital products are available immediately, and ready to go with bilingual packaging. It’s projected that the action camera market will exceed $50 million this year in Canada alone, and Monster Digital is uniquely prepared to be a major part of that. Contact your sales representative or send us an email to learn more.

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