Curve’s Brand Evolution

Curve has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. We’ve gone from a start up distribution company managing a couple of brands, to a multi-channel marketing, distribution and category management company. We’ve increased our sales, added new customers, brought on more brands, and increased the size of our team to handle all of this. As a result of this growth, our messaging became fractured. We have been rethinking how to communicate our brand in a way that reflects this at every touch point and in every interaction.

Through stakeholder and customer interviews we created personas to connect our identity and branding strategy with our retail partners.  We standardized the look, format and flow of all the brands. We have developed a suite of tools to enable us to tell our brand story in a unique way. These are available to view digitally from the Product Lines section of our site.

OUR MISSION To help our customers bring product to market with timeliness, efficiency, reason and results.

OUR VISION To deliver superior value to brands and consumers by connecting them over shared interests, desires and goals.

If you’d like a chance to receive an in person full brand profile presentation please contact us today.