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Curve + ClickEat

ClickEat Teams Up with Curve Distribution Services to Introduce Plastic-Free Food Consumption Products in Canada

"ClickEat is committed to finding sustainable solutions to address the single use plastics crisis and set new standards in the industry,” says Annie Metcalfe, sustainability director at ClickEat. Crafted from certified natural compostable materials, ClickEat’s single-use offerings not only adhere to Canada’s single use plastic guidelines but also surpass them. With a focus on quality from sourcing to production, ClickEat offers a range of plastic-free alternatives.

Curve Distribution Services, known for its robust logistics network and industry partnerships, has been chosen as ClickEat’s primary partner for Canada. Leveraging their strong sales team and established connections, Curve Distribution Services will ensure the seamless distribution of ClickEat’s plastic-free products to retailers across the nation.

“We’re excited about this partnership as it merges our commitment to environmental sustainability with Curve Distribution Services’ expertise,” said Oscar Herrera , CEO of ClickEat. “Through this collaboration, Canadian consumers gain access to high-quality plastic-free options that align with their values.”

“This venture finally provides a sustainable solution that doesn’t compromise on customer experience” mentioned Kyle Duszynski , Vice President Brand Management at Curve Distribution Services. “Together with ClickEat, we’re reshaping consumer choices and empowering them to make eco-friendly decisions without compromising convenience.”

Canadian consumers can expect to find ClickEat’s plastic-free food consumption products through Curve Distribution Services in the coming weeks. This partnership is set to redefine sustainable living choices,  providing Canadians with easy access to plastic-free alternatives and contributing to a greener future.

About ClickEat

ClickEat is at the forefront of providing plastic-free food consumption products that address the global issue of single-use plastics. Their range of products, crafted from certified natural materials, not only meets but exceeds Canada’s single-use plastic guidelines, offering consumers high-quality alternatives.


About Curve

Curve Distribution Services is a fully integrated go-to-market partner that specializes in bringing brands to the Canadian market with people-focused distribution and passionate partnerships.

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