A Merger To Create
Industry Leading Distributuion Company

Curve Distribution and Elite Foods have joined forces in a merger that will position the newly formed company firmly at the forefront of the distribution industry with expanded reach, product offering, and customer connection. 

This move represents a massive step forward for both companies and sets them up to continue their growth and mission to disrupt the industry with a unique philosophy and service model.

The two entities will unite under the Curve banner, where they will continue to do what they do best: connect brands with customers. While both companies have a complementary skillset, they share a core strength of not just identifying great brands – they build them collaboratively with their partners.

“Our two companies are perfectly suited for each other.” said Curve CEO Dan Doherty. “We are both incredibly focused on understanding, predicting and delivering the right product to our customers.”

“With this merger, we’ve upped our offering and our capability to deliver the best,” added Elite Food’s Key Account Manager David Ashkin.

Elite Foods has a proven track record of connecting retailers with the biggest up and coming brands in Western Canada and, combined with Curve, significant growth and extended reach are the next steps. Together, Curve and Elite Foods’s combined approach will continue to combine insights and data with unparalleled customer service and a solid logistics framework to enhance the bottom line of clients and partners alike. By empowering logistics with intelligence platforms, Curve is able to work closely with retailers and brands to predict trends and ensure the right products are exactly where they need to be, the moment they need to be there.

The merger with Elite Foods provides a deeper data set new and exciting opportunities to bring the Curve approach to more partners. If you have any questions about the merger or the next big trend, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Sincerely, Your Partners at Curve

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