We’re a Canadian distribution company politely revolutionizing the industry by understanding the complete customer journey, providing an exceptional end-to-end approach to service and knowledge of upcoming trends.


(karaoke is definitely not one of them)


You Are A Canadian Retailer Who Needs the Next Big Thing

We curate, market and manage high-performing brands that resonate with the Canadian consumer, and then most importantly, get the products on your sales floor where they can start making you money.


You Are A Retail Buyer For A Business like a Convenience, Drug or Grocery Store Who Needs An All-In-One Category Management Solution

Connected Services is our Direct to Store Delivery approach that provides our retail partners with a variety of products across multiple brands.


You Are A Brand Owner Who Wants to Crack the Canadian Market

We’re constantly searching for up-and-coming brands that are poised to become the next big thing that we can help successfully bring to the Canadian marketplace and our retail partners.

The Curve Perspective

We’re obsessed with data, trends and spreadsheets. No joke. And while that may not seem all that cool to our friends and family, it does mean we always have our finger on the pulse of everything retail and can write a pretty great blog..

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‘Tis The CESeason

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Matricom GBOX

You’ve probably heard of cord cutters (those who have cancelled their cable plans) and maybe even cord-nevers (those who never had cable and watch...