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From coast to coast, and all the way to the other cold and snowy coast, nobody knows Canada like Curve. That’s why we’re the go to partner for up and coming brands looking get to the top of Canadian consumer’s lists. Our passion for retail and exceptional dedication to service, combined with our expertise and connections to countless retail partners across the country has enabled us to develop a proven track record of successfully introducing brands into the Canadian marketplace.


The brands we represent aren’t our customers. Neither are the stores we work with. They’re our partners. We live and breathe the brands we work with because we all experience success together.

We bring our knowledge of the retail environment and customer data to our brands and work with them to develop the packaging, products and pricing that will ensure they succeed in store. Put simply, your brand becomes our mission.

The Power of

When you think of the history’s best partnerships – Starsky and Hutch, Lennon and McCartney, Peanut Butter and Jam – what do you see? Two things that become better together. We believe partnerships like that shouldn’t just exist in Hollywood or in midnight snacks, but instead belong in the distribution industry. That’s why we carefully curate the most exciting brands and work tirelessly for them. We believe that together we can achieve anything.

For us, partnership isn’t a one size fits all model. It’s something we actively work at each and every day. We treat your brand as if it’s our own and invest in it.


Cracking the Canadian market isn’t easy – but just like in our childhood video game days (ok, fair, we still play), we’ve got the cheat codes. Or in more business-y terms, we’ve got a proven process:

Brand + Market Exploration

  • Identify Market Need
  • Market Landscape Analysis
  • Product and Packaging Compliance with Canadian Regulations


  • Direct Import Capabilities
  • Innovative Warehouse Facilities
  • Ready for Online Sales

Go To Market Strategy

  • Development of Marketing Materials
  • Sales Training
  • Retail Partner Presentations

Brand Support

  • Channel Marketing
  • Defective and Warranty Management
  • Account Management

The Proof

The proof is in the pudding – or in this case, a bunch of logos! We’ve helped introduce a number of brands from almost all verticals to Canada and helped them become massively successful. Here are a few:

In Touch

If you manage a brand and want to break into the Canadian marketplace, we’d love to take you for a poutine and have a chat. Seriously, have you had poutine? It’s the best.

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