Curve + Elite: Better Together

You don’t revolutionize the distribution without making a few friends and partners along the way. That’s why Curve Distribution and Elite Foods have decided to join forces and do what they do best at an even larger scale: provide unparalleled service and retail expertise that moves the needle for our partners.

A Perfect Fit

Growth is a great thing. Not only does it provide more opportunities for our team to expand and develop new skills, but it also means we can serve our customers in new and exciting ways. With our new shared vision and combined passion, we’ve never been more powerful or capable of achieving great things.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Our two companies have achieved a lot separately. Both have proven track records of success and service – which is exactly what draws us together.

About Curve Distribution

If there are two things you should know about Curve, they’re this: we’re dead-set on revolutionizing the distribution industry with a focus on service and data, and we’re probably the best people to end up talking to at a party. We’re retail nerds and 100% proud of it.

About Elite Foods

If it’s food, you can bet we’re on it. Elite Foods has provided customers in Western Canada with expert distribution service, advice and access since 1997 – and we’ve tasted our fair share of delicious meals along the way.

Check out our press release for the offical details:

The Future Has Never Been Brighter

Separately, we were strong, but we’re stronger together. Here’s the proof. Together we now have:

  • A larger product offering
  • A larger team of product specialists, data analysts and more
  • A wide network of partners, customers and colleagues
  • Increased opportunity
  • More people to sell your Girl Guide Cookies to


This isn’t just change. It’s growth. It’s opportunity. It’s the most exciting time in our companies’ histories – and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Questions, Comments and Congratulations Welcome

If you’ve got any questions or just want to get in touch to give us a high five, we’re always happy to chat – there’s so much exciting news to talk about that we just might talk your ear off. Consider yourself warned.