About Curve


We aren’t a distribution company, we’re a connections company revolutionizing the industry one amazing brand at a time by understanding the complete customer journey, providing an exceptional end-to-end approach to service and a nerd-level love of data. From grocery to gadgets, we’ve got it and know how to sell it. And we’re probably some of the most interesting people at a party. Just saying.

Obsessed with

We’re obsessed with real connectivity. Everything from the cords that keep our phones charged to the people we text with that very same phone.

Because connectivity defines us. It’s the music we listen to, the things we search and how we interact with our friends, families and communities.

We’re obsessed with it for two reasons. First off, we’re all about connection because consumers are, and we find the products that they rely on day in and day out to connect with everything in their lives. Secondly, because it’s what we do. Literally. We connect our retail partners to the products that can – and will – make them money.


The brands we represent aren’t our customers. Neither are the stores we work with. They’re our partners.

We all experience success together.

We bring our knowledge of the retail environment and customer data to our brands and work with them to develop the packaging, products and pricing that will ensure they succeed in store.


Canadian Focused. Pun Averse.

We know Canada – its retail landscape and customers – better than anyone. That’s how we’re able to help the brands we work with to introduce and distribute their products successfully into this country.

And we do all that without a single “ahead of the Curve” pun. Impressive, we know.