Pet-Tech: It’s Here and Believe It Or Not, It’s The Best

This year, at CES, we explored the latest in pet-tech for our faithful fidos and felines! Check-out the latest ways to pamper your pet.

For as long as people have existed, we’ve had pets by our side. Dogs have been faithful assistants and cats have been long-serving companions (on their terms, of course – but don’t get us started. We’re dog people). What’s new, though, is pet-tech. And really, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. We’ve been walking our pets, cleaning up after them and caring for them in the same way for literally hundreds of years. It’s about time someone innovated in the space.

This year at CES, we saw a handful of companies doing just that. In fact, pet-tech is one of the main trends we identified as an important area to keep an eye on. After all, over 65% of Canadians own a dog or cat. Talk about a massive target market. We don’t have the stat on hand, but we suspect a troubling amount of those same Canadians also have a separate Instagram account for their pet too. The coolness of that aside, it’s proof of just how connected we are to our pets, and just how far we’ll go to pamper them.

And pamper them with technology we shall. At CES we discovered all sorts of new consumer pet-tech products that blew us away. From treat bots that shot laser beams to entertain and treats to reward, to automated fountains and smart pet doors (hey, they revolutionized the thermostat already, why not tackle the door?), pet-tech is clearly a trend with growing momentum.

The products aren’t just designed for the small, everyday sort of pet situations either. We saw smartwatch-like products that empowered you to track your pets, and their biometrics. We saw smart pet toilets that automatically sense and remove waste – and even had an app that allowed you to measure that waste for health purposes. Really – pet toilets! But that’s really the magic. One of the worst parts of pet ownership, solved with one purchase. That’s a pretty significant brand promise, and one we can get behind.

Pet-Tech may seem frivolous, but that’s a criticism often leveled at new technology until it becomes common place and so second nature that it feels indispensable. With the prevalence of pet ownership and the obvious lengths people are willing to go to for their fluffy friends, we’re willing to bet this is a trend that’s only going to gain momentum.