Partnership is The Most Important Resource

Partnership is The Most Important Resource – Curve Named ReSource Group’s Vendor of the Year.

There’s little more important to us than our customers, our partners and our colleagues. Except maybe golf on Saturdays. And our families. The point is, we’re dedicated to ensuring the success of everyone we work with. That’s why when ReSource Group Canada, our trusted sales partner announced they were awarding us with Vendor of the Year, we were so honoured.

We firmly believe that success is something that should be shared with our partners. From the brands we represent, to the retail partners we service, we work tirelessly to ensure that everyone we do business with finds value in their interactions with us.. That sort of goal can only be achieved with the best partners and colleagues – which is why we work with ReSource Group to begin with. As our partner in sales for over ten years, ReSource Group has been an invaluable part of our team – and clearly the feeling is mutual.

Now, we promise we’ll try not to brag – but this award means a lot to us. It’s the third time we’ve won it, but it feels just as good as the first time. To us, it’s proof we’re providing the value we promise. That we’re making a difference by making the distribution industry different.

Knowing what a great, inspirational company ReSource Group is makes it that much sweeter. The company is not only one of the best in the business at what they do professionally, but they are also just as dedicated to giving back to the community. When you get a compliment like this from a company like that, it’s flattering to say the least. Don’t take our word for it, though:

“Mine and the company’s vision has been to make giving back not only part of the company’s DNA but also of every individual who is part of our team. There is much need in this city, this country and around the world. As a company we commit to contribute 5% of our after-tax income to charity. At the same time, we run one or sometimes two separate fundraising programmes where we all participate individually. This year we were able to raise $25,000 for Habitat for Humanity in support of providing a home for a needy family of 5. In addition, we were able to raise $20,000 for Yonge Street Mission in support of their walk-in mental health clinic.”

– Claus Lenk, founder and CFO of ReSource Group Canada

Ultimately, we’re not in this business for awards or recognition. We’re in it to make a difference for our partners and to make lasting connections with those we do business with. We’ve always valued ReSource Group as an important partner, and we always will. We’re honoured to accept the award and can’t wait to get started doing everything we can to earn it all over again.

Brian Stanojevic – COO ReSource Group Canada, Clifton McPherson – VP Sales Curve, Kyle Duszynski – VP Brand Management Curve, Jeremy Lenk – CEO ReSource Group Canada