Connected Services


It’s a Direct to Store delivery model that transforms your experience with distribution from dealing with countless suppliers to just one. From food and fidget spinners to headphones and high-speed chargers, imagine getting everything you need with just one phone call. One text. Or, a message on an old pager, if that’s more your thing.

All About

Our Connected Services program is nimble, proven and comprehensive. It’s not just about packing up your order, sending it out and hoping for the best. It’s about determining a tailored plan for your business, getting you set up with a custom calendar management plan and regular check ins to maintain your inventory and ensure you never miss out on the next big trend. While we trade in products, we succeed with service. Always have, always will.

A Personalized

We create a customized program for your store’s specific needs.

We’re committed to more than just getting you the product. We’ll make sure it looks its best with displays tailored for your store.

We’ll never launch and leave. Instead, we’ll constantly ensure you’re properly stocked with the perfect products for your store and take decisive action if a product isn’t succeeding.

The Process is

Our field service team members aren’t just drivers. They’re account managers and merchandisers. They know the product better than anyone and are specially trained to help set up and maintain your store’s stock. We visit your store regularly, we analyze the data and ensure we’re doing everything we can to help you sell more of the best products for your customers.

Products with

When we say everything, we mean everything. Whether it’s groceries, gadgets or literally anything in between if your customers want it, we have it.