Connected Services

When we talk about revolutionizing the distribution industry, we mean it. And our Connected Services program is one of the ways we prove it.

Connected Services is our direct-to-store approach to provide customized solutions to our clients that get the products they need out on the floor quickly and properly – and how we stay connected and ensure that our clients always have what they need to deliver the best value to both their customers and their own bottom line.



We’ve developed a nimble and effective DSD model that allows us to supply direct to stores with comprehensive delivery services. We’ve teamed up with our distribution partners to offer a seamless, comprehensive store service model that we can fully control to ensure a superior level of quality. At its core, our Connected Services Program provides:

Pre Service Set-Up
We create a comprehensive program personalized for each client’s needs

Delivery, Installation, and Merchandising
We ensure you get the product and its display is tailored to your store

Monitor & Maintain
We ensure you always have the best-suited products and appropriate stock levels