A Whole New Generation of Family Products

Parenthood brings with it a massive amount of life changes that extend far beyond to the child itself. From strollers and cribs to bottles and an endless supply of diapers, a new baby always brings with it an increased demand for all sorts of new products.

While some of those products have been the same for years, others have experienced an interesting technological revolution.

Believe it or not, Las Vegas – an adult’s playground – was ground zero for this family trend. At this year’s CES we were inundated with the latest and greatest in mom-and-baby technology, and we’re excited to bring back a few key learnings.

The biggest thing: tracking – and it should be no surprise. From smart watches to smart homes, consumers are already used to keeping track of their steps, their sleep and even the number of hours their furnaces run, It’s about time the same technology found its way to the most important part of our lives: or families.

We discovered products that help track fertility, smart thermometers for temperature tracking (for conception, or contraception if that’s your goal). There were also wearables that enhance the connection between parent and child and ensure parents are notified of their children’s location and specifically any changes in their wellbeing, activity, sleep or temperature. All, of course, with a Smartphone app.

It’s not hard to imagine the excitement and interest these sorts of products may attract in consumers. A new child always brings with it a desire to do one’s best and provide the best – and these innovations promise to unlock new ways to do just that. With that sort of promise and connection to a receptive audience, we’ve definitely got an eye on this trend and think you should too.